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Urban Anchor Photography Wins Bronze for BEST Photographer in Madison

Urban Anchor took the Bronze for 2014 BEST Photographer in the 33rd edition of Madison Magazine’s annual Best of Madison poll! Score!

Here are five reasons why winning bronze is better than gold:

  1. Bronze is the hipster position. No self-respecting hipster would be caught dead with a gold or silver, too mainstream. We won the bronze, it’s obscure, you probably haven’t heard of it.
  2. You can be happy with bronze, if you get the silver, you’re likely to feel like you just missed out on first place. What might have been, regrets, all that noise. Nobody wants that.
  3. Bronze winners are free and clear while all the competitors chase gold and silver. Ever played Mario Kart? Who do you think those red and green Koopa shells are going to hit? Probably not the person going for the bronze, I bet.
  4. You expend way less energy to get a bronze. Aerodynamics, y’all. Ever seen a speedskating race? Cycling? NASCAR? (j/k we’ve never seen a NASCAR race either) Drafting is of the utmost importance.
  5. Best of all, winning a bronze lights a fire. You still have a goal, something to work toward, look forward to. Despite this list, we’ll be gunning for gold next year, we’re just competitive like that.

We’re all winners here, congrats to the other BEST Photographer winners. If you’re curious to see what won us the bronze, onward and downward. Or, check out the rest of the blog (hint, hint).


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