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Top 5 Friday: Groomsmen Attire

There’s totally nothing wrong with it, but I must say, I love when guys veer from the typical black tux and tie at weddings. I think, if given the option, throwing out all wedding ‘norms’ and any kind of pressure or influence to play it safe with attire, most grooms would choose a less stiff and formal option and go with something more comfortable and casual like a suit. I could totally be wrong, but that’s just what I’ve picked up on in my experience shooting weddings. Sooo, below are some of my favorite guys attire from past weddings:

Madison-WI-Wedding-Vintage-Barn-0017Love the color pop with the skinny green tie!Madison-WI-Wedding-Photographer-Orchard-Lawn-58And of course everyone loves a good bow tie and dappar pair of suspenders.
Kyle-and-Amanda-7Check out the Scrabble cuff links!Monona-Terrace-Rooftop-Wedding-Portraits-Wisconsin-0010Wisconsin-Wedding-Photographer-17

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