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New House, New Office

After ripping out the old carpet upon moving into our new house, the #2 priority was to transform the small bedroom (with dark wood paneling) into our new office. As you can see from the before and after pics, the room once had dark wood paneling. To update the walls and open up the space, I painted four (yes four!) coats of white primer and then finished with a coat of gray paint. I also painted all of the wood trim white. The trim was the worst part, I think I painted four coats before I had to call it done. Painting trim takes patience and precision, two skills that I often lack:)

After the trim and walls were done, we hung a magazine rack and a glass dry erase board both from Ikea. Underneath that I placed an old metal type writing table that my dad got a long time ago, refinished it, and gave it to me. We added the same desks, chairs, and filing cabinet that were in the old office. All three of those things we bought from an architects office last year when they were looking to update their office furniture.

We took down the old windowing coverings and put up two curtain panels that we got at Ikea a while back. I love the tree pattern!!

Last but not least: The Photo Closet.  In the old house, we had a builder come over and turn our large coat closet into a custom closet that we designed with him to include all of our photography equipment. It was the most amazing organizational space ever! I miss that closet. sigh:(  Last weekend, we bought a rubbermaid brand closet system, and a few days ago Todd installed it in the office closet. I am not including a photo of it here, because it’s not all that spectacular, nothing in comparison to the old closet:)

The only thing that we have left to do in the office is update the fan/light. No biggie:)

Any who, here is our brand new work space!!

DIY Home OfficePainted Wood PanelingPainted Wood Paneling



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