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Megan and Tyler {{Madison, WI Engagement Photographer}}

When I hear people, specifically most of my girlfriends, say that they don’t like football that usually means that they still watch it on TV with their significant other, and most can rattle off some of the players names, plays, and teams. I, on the other hand, am serious in my dislike for football, which I say with a smile mostly just because I think football is pretty dumb.  I am pretty sure that I have never sat through more that 5 consecutive minutes of football watching. If it’s on the tv, I am most definitely not paying attention. I definitely can not list off any players names aside from maybe two, I have no knowledge of football terms, teams, locations, and the list could go on and on.

BUT, with that said, I actually do love that Madison-oians get super into college football. It’s fun to walk into the craziness of tailgating downtown and see all of the extreme school spirit that most have for UW Madison and their football team.

Because Megan and Tyler played in the UW marching band they have an intimate connection to the big red, so when they suggested that they have their engagement session outside of Camp Randall before one of the really big games in the midst of all the tailgaters and their enormous parties, I was super excited. I loved that we were shooting in a space and during an event that they had a connection to, plus I knew it would be a fun challenge for me to try to isolate them amongst the crowds of people, most of which were pretty drunk:).

I think you can just feel the excitement and energy that surrounds Camp Randall, all the while showing the love that Megan and Tyler have for one another. See for yourself:uw badgers engaged coupleengaged couple at camp randallcouple sitting ledge madison wiphotojournalistic engagement photographycouple walking uw madisontailgating engagement photographyuw badgers engagement photographybucky badger and engaged couplecouple in leavesfall leaves engagement session

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