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Marriage Proposal {{Madison, WI Photographer}}

Never-mind this romantic cutie pie named Jason who nervously awaits for the arrival of his, soon to be fiancé Tiffany: I’ve finally been hired to photograph a wedding proposal!- something I have wanted to do for quite some time. Yes! And Awesome! Haha! Just kidding- this is totally about them and all the sweet surprise that’s about to happen- I just happened to be the one he asked to shoot it:)

Jason and Tiffany met while in school at UW Madison, and have since graduated and moved to NYC together. When Tiffany planned a late fall trip back to Madison to hang out with friends, Jason decided it would be the perfect opportunity to propose to her. When Tiffany left their apartment in NYC on a Friday, she hugged Jason and told him that she would see him the following Monday. While she was mid-flight to Madison, Jason was just boarding his plane to Madison to surprise her.

Jason arrived at the UW Arboretum with the ring in his pocket and his friends in tow. He found the exact spot where he wanted it to go down, and positioned himself. His friends found their spot and positioned their phones that were Facetimeing live with Jason and Tiffany’s families over seas so that they could watch too.

He nervously waited. And waited and waited. She and her friends were a bit behind schedule- which made the wait for Jason almost unbearable. Mean while my hands were freezing and I was a tad anxious myself as I could see the beautiful light that we started off with, begin to diminish. Alas! She arrived!

Tiffany slowly made her way towards Jason (who was hiding behind a bush)  as she was taking in (aka- taking pics with her phone)  all of the awesomely bright fall colors.

He could no longer stand it, Jason came out of hiding and walked toward Tiffany. She was confused at first, then happy but still confused as Jason took her hand and led her over to the tree that he had been hiding near. As he got down on one knee as tears of joy poured from her face. She said yes, and they hugged and hugged and hugged.

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