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Laurel and Steel {{Madison, WI Wedding Photographer}}

I don’t usually describe myself as  crier, especially a public crier. I normally can fight a pretty fierce internal battle with my tear ducts, and usually I win.

Not at Laurel and Steel’s wedding though. There were several times that I teared up at the sheer awesomeness of this couple, at their love for one another, and at the true joy that they so evidently brought to each and every one of their weddings guests lives. They are people who care for their community and people who seem to love on everyone around them. They are people who are so incredibly genuine. People who look you right in the eyes with quiet attention when talking with them. They both are really lovely people:)

There was nothing traditional about their wedding. They did not have a bridal party, they got ready in their apartment together, they ran their lovely ceremony the way they wanted to, they helped set up their own reception room after the ceremony, they wrote poetry for each other and gave it to their guests in the form of press printed booklets, they had a vegetarian dinner,  and they didn’t have a cake to cut.

Laurel and Steel’s wedding was the first wedding that my husband Todd and I shot together. It was a really awesome experience getting to shoot with Todd, and for the two of us to get to work with such amazing people!! Thanks for choosing us as your wedding photographers guys!!

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