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Associate Shooters


Everyone has experienced getting an inquiry for a wedding on a date that they’re already booked for.  As you grow your business and continue to book more weddings this will happen more and more, it’s just part of the deal. It can be frustrating, especially when its a good lead (aka- they sound super interested in hiring you) , or when its for a bride and groom who you feel like could fit  your ‘ideal’ client model. You can sit there looking at your calendar seeing several open dates that you so desperately want to book, but continue to have people requesting your services on all but those dates.

About 3 years ago, in my: ‘where I want to be in five years’ plan/goal I pictured having a team of associate photographers who we would hire to shoot weddings under our business name on dates that we were already booked, or for clients who had a lower photography budget.  I had no idea what that plan actually looked like (which isn’t much of a plan), but the possibility was something that I continued to envision and was starting to get a little excited about:)

There are three key things that Todd and I always emphasize and create plans for when having our business meetings: and here it is: we want to grow our business, to make more money, to create stability. And in that order; because growing your business is what will make you more money, and making more more money will in-turn create more financial stability. And with that our forever question are: In what direction do we want to grow our business and what does that look like? What do we want the end goal to be? And of course: How do we make it happen?

In one of our meetings about a year and a half ago, I told Todd that to grow our wedding business I wanted to create a team of associate shooters. ANDDDD then I just let that hang. Naturally, Todd wanted to hear my grandiose epic plan- that I of course did not have. So together, for 5 or so months after that, Todd and I worked to create a plan and worked even harder at executing it.

Stay tuned for my next article on the nitty and the gritty of how our plan came to be and how exactly we executed it.

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