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When I first started the photography business 11 years ago- hopefully I’m younger than I look:)- I looked to the inter webs for anything and everything that was photography and more importantly the business of photography. It was almost an obsession- looking at what others are doing can only get you so far though without starting in on the whole comparison thing which can then lead to self-destructive thoughts- plus you don’t want to unknowingly start to copy what others are doing:) As a side note:  I will say it can be good at times to look at the work that the top of the top are doing- it can cause you to re-evaluate and see where your own work might lack, and push yourself to become better.

The process I went through, is what I call my research. It’s what any smart, determined, responsible person should do before starting any business. I am super thankful to all of the photographers out there who, during my research phase, put themselves out there to help educate entrepreneurs just like me.

I’ve been at this long enough, and I am happy to say that I feel successful enough, that I am now to the point where I CAN not only do the same, but I where I feel like I SHOULD be doing the same: educating.

So there ya go. read, look, enjoy. Take some if it’s for you. Leave some if it’s not.


Did I mention that I’m a paper and pen type of gal? Yes, it’s true.


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Everyone has experienced getting an inquiry for a wedding on a date that they’re already booked for.  As you