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Amanda and Nathan {{Madison, WI Wedding Photographer}}

A Southern Belle and a Yankee? And a wedding? Why, I do declare! I think I’m getting the vapors! Wait, don’t go clutching your pearls just yet. Let me tell you why the Yankee won the Southern Belle’s heart. And all of ours.

**Disclaimer: Everything I know about Southern culture comes from the movie Sweet Home Alabama, so forgive me if this post is woefully inaccurate.

**Second Disclaimer: You should read this post in your best Southern accent for full comedic effect.

This wedding taught us a lot about Southern culture and wedding traditions. Did you know that in the South, it’s common for the bride to drop her middle name and make her maiden name her new middle name? The more you know. <Insert mid-90s shooting star gif.>

Amanda, an only child, is super close with her folks (Do people in the South say “folks?”), they even both came to the salon with her when she was getting ready for the big day. Nathan knows how close she is with her parents, so when he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Amanda, he knew he had to get their blessing. So what did he do? I’ll tell you, my darlings.  And I’ll do so di-rectly. He drove from Wisco to Alabama to ask them for her hand. I know I’ve said this before, but awwww.

In a perfect mix of Wisconsin and Alabama (Alabama-ian?) culture, the groom and his groomsmen went to the Old Fashioned for lunch before the wedding, while the ladies were applying rouge and getting their hair did. Amanda, accompanied by her father, made her way down the aisle clad in pearls with a white bouquet.

After they became man and wife at their wedding ceremony at Blackhawk Church in Middleton, Amanda and Nathan headed to the Capitol for their wedding portraits. Now, normally we don’t let the bridal party hang around for the bride-and-groom-only wedding portraits. Distractions and all that. But for Amanda and Nathan’s portraits, they stayed. AND they were ridiculous. And it made for some of the best wedding portraits we’ve shot. Real laughs photograph so much better. So thank you, crazy bridal party, for being hilarious during the portrait shoot and giving the bride and groom genuine smiles.

In a venue fit for a cotillion below the Mason Dixon line, Maple Bluff Country Club, the wedding reception led to a fantastic shindig where the guests and attendants took to the floor for a stately quadrille (Google it, y’all). No, but seriously, this group could cut a rug.

So here’s to Amanda and Nathan, the newlyweds! Bless their hearts. Wait. I don’t think that means what I think it means.

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I’m not sure what’s happening here. I can only assume the groomsmen are reenacting the Thriller dance, or they are mocking the horsey stance that Todd makes all grooms do so that they are head to head with the bride. Either way; pretty funny. bride and groom on bench wisconsinmaple bluff country club receptioncake cutting at maple bluff country club wisconsinreception speeches wisconsin photographernighttime portraits on golf course wisconsinbride and groom first dance maple bluff country clubfirst dance photograph wisconsinbride and her dad hugging wisconsingroom and his mom wisconsin photographyreception dancing  photo wisconsinreception fun maple bluff country clubkids at reception wisconsinwedding guests dancing maple bluff country club wisconsinmadison wi reception photography

Is this the Thriller dance again? What’s going on? reception hall madison wi

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