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Allysia and Ben {{Madison, WI Engagement Photographer}}

The set-up for this engagement shoot seemed perfect; it was a cool but not cold, beautiful, fall day. Ben and Allysia brought their laughter, fun, and playfulness to the shoot. It was great. Until…I thoroughly embarrassed myself, which I do every now and then. I was right in the middle of one of the worst sinus/upper respiratory infections ever and for weeks leading up to the shoot would get into coughing choking not being able to breath fits, so it was my goal to take it slow and not cough. AND then five minutes into the shoot, I got the choke; tears running down my face. And then the coughing. And the not breathing. Right in front of my clients. I seriously had to have a 10 minute sit down to  wait for the coughing and choking to settle itself, which it eventually did:)

I applaud Ben and Allysia for their grace and understanding and for not making me feel even more dumb than I already did. These guys are first page in my book and I give them two high fives for being so awesome!couple in woodscouple under bridgeengaged couple wisconsinreflection engagement portraitromantic engaged couplewisconsin fall engaged couple

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